For windows of historic or artistic value, we can help maintain their current state of repair, and protect them from further deterioration.

We recently completed a 2-year conservation of the stained glass windows in the Canadian Parliament’s House of Commons.

House of Commons, Ottawa, ON

The House of Commons conservation project included:

• Cleaning and re-leading of existing windows
• Integrating replacement glass, made with carefully-matched handmade glass painted with kiln fired vitreous enamel
• Repairing glass using museum quality epoxies and back-plated non-glare glass
• Providing before, during and after documentation

In order to maintain the look of the Chamber during the 18 months that it took to conserve the panels at the Westport studio, the scope of work included manufacturing and installing photographic facsimiles of the stained glass:

• 10mm thick replacement panels were made with digitally printed, kiln-fired ceramic frit on low iron, tempered glass
• These were laminated onto low-iron acid-etched glass diffuser panels
• The panels were installed into the stone reglets with custom laser-welded steel framing members and custom extruded lead/antimony/tin alloy glazing channels.