Consultation & Other Services

Restoration Consulting Service


  • Condition survey assessment
  • Complete “Conservation Catalogues” (see sample file PDF)
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Project management
Before/After - Providence Chapel

Protective glazing

  • Tempered,  laminated and plate glass
  • Thermal units
  • Complete installation with custom carpentry
Lobby Etching installation

Surface design

  • Etched glass, stage sandblasting
  • Screen printing, enameling
architectural casting

Kiln forming, etc.

  • Architectural castings
  • Glass Bending
  • Laminated and fused glass,
supplemental lighting/light boxes

Supplemental lighting

  • Adapting old windows to new buildings with custom light boxes
  • Interior and exterior lighting for evening viewing
Portrait of Colin Mochrie

Special projects

  • Specialized one-of-a-kind projects, such as the portrait of Colin Mochrie from the Bravo Network production of “Star Portraits”